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Criminal Records Expungement

At the office of Mark Feeser, Attorney at Law, I handle all aspects of expunging criminal records and ensuring that background checks are accurate and in compliance with state reporting requirements that restrict reporting of certain arrests and convictions. This process can help individuals with criminal records with the challenges successfully reentering society following arrest and conviction in criminal matters.

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Expungement and Other Criminal Records Remedies

One in five California residents has a State criminal record. A criminal offense that leads to criminal conviction will remain on your permanent record. While the conviction itself may not be severe, the permanent criminal record is public information and can be accessed during a routine background check. Since 9/11 and with increased access to information through the Internet, background check screening is increasingly prevalent, particularly by employers. Today, past convictions are far more likely to limit a person's ability to obtain employment, housing, education, and other civil participation long after the punishment has been served.

Under California law, however, people who have been arrested or convicted have the right to pursue a number of remedies that lessen the lingering impact of criminal records, including expunging criminal convictions (reversing the previous court decision of guilty and update the permanent record to reflect that no conviction was granted and the charge dismissed), reducing felony charges to misdemeanors for some felonies, sealing adult arrest records where no conviction resulted, and sealing juvenile records. Persons with certain serious criminal convictions may not be eligible.

Ensuring Accurate and Permissible Information in Background Check Reporting

Unfortunately, in many cases obtaining criminal records remedies before the court is only the first step in obtaining relief from the lasting consequences of a criminal record. Many private background check companies continue to report arrests and convictions that fail to reflect the expungements and other criminal records remedies, and in some cases even report arrest and conviction information that is simply wrong or associated with another individual.

Under California law, however, significant limits have been placed on the reporting of inaccurate information. Background check reporting companies are further prohibited from reporting expunged records and certain arrests and convictions that occurred more than seven years in the past. These laws provides for significant civil penalties for reporting prohibited information. Nevertheless, background check companies often fail to comply with the law and in some cases are reluctant to update and properly report criminal records information, which can result in irreparable damage to a person seeking employment, housing, education, and other opportunities to which criminal convictions are a barrier.

At the office of Mark Feeser, Attorney at Law, I have experience identifying and obtaining available criminal records remedies before the courts. I can further assist clients by aggressively working with background check companies to quickly correct inaccurate or improperly reported criminal record information.

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